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Learn To Create Machine Learning Algos In Python And R. Enroll Now For a Special Price PLC based industrial control specialists. AI solutions for industry. Machine learning modeling and integration in process Vorher installiert ihr dazu in der virtuellen Maschine mit Linux noch die Gasterweiterungen: Öffnet in Linux ein Terminal mit der Tastenkombination Strg + Alt + T. Gebt nun die folgenden Befehle ein. sudo apt-get update Bestätigt den Befehl mit eurem Linux-Passwort (bei der Eingabe seht ihr es. Verdict: Virtual Machine Manager for Linux is a piece of software which enables you to install and run various virtual operating systems in a single computer. This software has a user interface similar to that of a console window on your computer that lets you select various VMs and then start them But if you want to use Linux without making any changes to your Windows system, you can go the virtual machine route. Basically, you install and use Linux like any regular Windows application. When you just want to try Linux for limited use, virtual machines provide the most comfortable option

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VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use. Not only is VirtualBox an extremely feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers, it is also the only professional solution that is freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. See Die Kernel-based Virtual Machine, kurz KVM, ist eine Virtualisierungslösung für Linux, die Gebrauch von der Virtualisierungstechnik aktueller x86-Prozessoren von Intel und AMD macht. Sie wurde im Oktober 2006 der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Seit der Version 2.6.20 des Linux-Kernels ist das Kernelmodul von KVM bereits in Linux enthalten. Entwickelt wird KVM von dem US-amerikanischen Unternehme Select New and click on Virtual Machine. Click the Next button. Enter a descriptive name for your virtual machine (e.g., vm-ubuntu). Use the default location to store your virtual machine, or check.. Linux has excellent container support which may be a reason to install Linux on Hyper-V as a virtual machine. Testing multi-platform software or software that provides similar functionality . This is a great option when developers make their applications able to run on multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Solaris (for example, Oracle Database)

Who Needs a Virtual Machine? Many Linux users have to dual boot because they need certain proprietary software or services that are not yet available for Linux. In many countries, software needed for tax filing and other government related work is supported only on Windows. Instead of going through the complexity and pain of dual booting, you can easily use virtual machine to run Windows software Oracle VM VirtualBox is a famous virtualization instrument on the Linux stage for one explanation: out of all the virtual machine apparatuses accessible, it's one of the least demanding to utilize. The program has a magnificent measure of highlights and is broadly accessible on a ton of Linux working frameworks

Installing Ubuntu on VirtualBox as a virtual machine (VM) has a lot of advantages - you can create a snapshot and roll back changes to the appropriate VM state if something goes wrong, clone a VM, copy a VM to another machine easily (all VM data is stored as a set of files), or run a VM on different host operating systems that are supported by VirtualBox. Today's blog post explains how to. Linux Mint in VirtualBox installieren Eine bebilderte Anleitung zur Installation von Linux Mint in VirtualBox finden Sie in der Bildergalerie weiter unten. Starten Sie das Programm VirtualBox und..

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  1. Need to install Linux in a virtual machine? Whether you're trying it for the first time or want to run Linux without dual booting, a virtual machine (VM) is a smart option. But what is the best Linux distro for a virtual machine? Should you use VirtualBox or VMware? Here are seven of the best Linux distros to run in your VM. What Should You Use to Run Your Linux VM? But first, how will you run.
  2. Download the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, for desktop PCs and laptops. LTS stands for long-term support — which means five years, until April 2025, of free security and maintenance updates, guaranteed
  3. Installer Ubuntu ou une autre distribution Linux sur une machine virtuelle à l'intérieur de Windows 10 a de nombreux avantages. Contrairement au dual-boot, il est possible de basculer facilement entre les deux systèmes sans avoir à redémarrer le PC. De plus, Linux ne risque pas d'affecter le bon fonctionnement du système hôte. Le seul bémol est que les ressources sont partagées.
  4. KDE Neon 20200326-1117. VirtualBox Image . VMware Image . ANTIX. antiX 19 Linux. VirtualBox Image . VMware Imag
  5. OSBoxes offers you ready-to-use Linux/Unix guest operating systems. If you don't want to install secondary OS alongside with your main OS but still want to use/try it, then you can use VirtualBox or VMware on your host operating system to run virtual machine
  6. platform_fault_domain - (Optional) Specifies the Platform Fault Domain in which this Linux Virtual Machine should be created. Defaults to -1, which means this will be automatically assigned to a fault domain that best maintains balance across the available fault domains. Changing this forces a new Linux Virtual Machine to be created
  7. A Virtual Machine (VM) is a software environment that emulates a computer system. It facilitates a substitute for a real machine. They mimic computer architectures and offer the same functionality as a physical computer. Following is a handpicked list of Top Virtual Machines Software for Windows, Mac, and Linux with Virtual Machine download.

Select Ubuntu Linux from the list and click Create Virtual Machine. Windows will now automatically download and install the operating system. After that's done, the virtual Linux operating system will show up in a new window and you can continue on to set it up. That's all you need to run Ubuntu Linux fast and simple on Windows 10 Seit vielen Jahren gibt es für Windows, Mac OS und Linux sogenannte Virtualisierer, richtig eigentlich Hypervisor genannt. Diese Programme ermöglichen es, dass eine virtuelle Maschine (VM) auf einem Host-System isoliert so ausgeführt wird, als wäre sie auf einem physischen Rechner Reservierungen für Ihre Linux-VMs erwerben und bis zu 72 Prozent sparen. Reduzieren Sie die Kosten um bis zu 72 Prozent im Vergleich zu den Preisen bei nutzungsbasierter Bezahlung mit Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances für Linux mit einer ein- oder dreijährigen Laufzeit. Kombinieren Sie reservierte Instanzen mit dem Azure-Hybridvorteil für Linux, um Ihre bestehenden lokalen Red Hat. Zum nächst möglichen Zeitpunkt zur Erweiterung unseres Hosting-Teams

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  1. Wählen Sie unter den virtuellen Azure-Linux-Computern Ihre bevorzugte Distribution aus, einschließlich Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian und CoreOS - rund 50 % aller Azure-Computekerne sind Linux. Nutzen Sie vorkonfigurierte Lösungen von Oracle und anderen Anbietern, die Open-Source-VMs unterstützen, und finden Sie für Azure optimierte Linux-Images von den Herausgebern Ihrer Wahl. Nutzen Sie den gemeinsamen technischen Support für Azure
  2. d, it is possible to change most of these settings if, for example, the number of processors or RAM need to be adjusted. Click the Settings button to adjust them after the VM has been created. Click New to create the Ubuntu VM
  3. KVM (for Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-V). It consists of a loadable kernel module, kvm.ko, that provides the core virtualization infrastructure and a processor specific module, kvm-intel.ko or kvm-amd.ko
  4. Xen is a popular, open-source virtual machine application that is officially supported by Ubuntu. It provides high performance, but only supports a small number of host and guest operating systems. Ubuntu is supported as both a host and guest operating system, and Xen is available in the universe software channel
  5. Das SUSE Linux Enterprise Virtual Machine Driver Pack ist ein gebührenpflichtiges Bundle paravirtualisierter Festplatten-, Netzwerk- und Balloon-Treiber. Sie können damit vollständig virtualisierte Windows-Workloads mit nahezu nativer Leistung unter SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ausführen. Dabei werden zusätzliche Kommunikationskanäle zwischen den Xen- und KVM-Hypervisoren in SUSE Linux.
  6. Try out Ubuntu Appliances on Ubuntu, Windows or macOS Try out Ubuntu Appliance images in an isolated virtual machine on your PC or Mac with Multipass. You can navigate through the setup instructions and interact with the software before taking the next step and installing it on a Raspberry Pi or a PC. Try before you P
  7. Download Ubuntu Vmware (VMDK, VHD) and VirtualBox (VDI) ready-to-use images for free. Run Ubuntu as secondary OS on your primary operating system

Create A KVM Virtual Machine Using Qcow2 Image In Linux; If it works without any issues, then thoroughly inspect if all your data exists. If everything is OK, delete the old backup disk. If there are any issues with new disk, shutdown the virtual machine and rename backup disk to its original name. Repeat the above steps carefully again. Don't forget to backup the data and disk image Um Ubuntu in Ihrer Virtualbox zu nutzen, müssen Sie zuerst das Programm Virtualbox herunterladen und installieren: Laden Sie sich die neuste Version von Virtualbox in unserem Downloadbereich.. Configure Virtual Machine Network Settings. Note: You can follow the steps below for every virtual machine that you want to add on the network to communicate with the host machine. Back at the virtual box manager interface, select your guest virtual machine such as Ubuntu 16.10 server or CentOS 7 and click on the Settings menu

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I'm on Linux Mint 20 and I'm trying to get a Windows 10 machine running, but to no avail. Every time I try running it, I get this message every time. Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908) The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver is either not loaded or not set up correctly. Please try setting it.. Erstellen Sie eine Linux-VM mit VirtualBox 6.1 unter Oracle Linux (10:08). Installieren Sie VirtualBox 6.1 Guest Additions (Linux VM) auf Oracle Linux (5:59) Konvertieren und Bereitstellen einer VirtualBox-VM in KVM unter Oracle Linux (9:27 A virtual machine scale set allows you to deploy and manage a set of identical, auto-scaling virtual machines. VMs in a scale set are distributed across logic fault and update domains in one or more placement groups. These are groups of similarly configured VMs, similar to availability sets. VMs are created as needed in a scale set. You define autoscale rules to control how and when VMs are added or removed from the scale set. These rules can be triggered based on metrics such as. Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for penetration testing. With over 600 preinstalled penetration-testing programs, it earned a reputation as one of the best-operating systems used for security testing. As a security-testing platform, it is best to install Kali as a VM on VirtualBox 5. Reboot the original Linux box (the physical machine that you want to virtualize) with the CD you've just burnt, and connect the ISO to the newly created virtual machine (i.e., boot the VM from the ISO). 6. Check both live CDs have net connection correctly configured and that they can see each other. 7. In the virtual machine, type this

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Installing Clear Linux on a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox. Read this section to see how to install Clear Linux on Virtual Machines. Create a VM in VirtualBox $ wget https: // cdn.download.clearlinux.org / releases / 33030 / clear / x86_64 / os / Packages / gcc7-7.5.-440.x86_64.rpm $ sudo apt install alien git curl $ sudo apt install gcc-7. First, use the command below to get the most. VirtualBox virtual machines can be run without working with the GUI. See how to take advantage of the VBoxManage command to start, pause, and power down your VMs Create Ubuntu Linux on Azure using Azure Portal - Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure Cloud - YouTube. Watch later Azure Virtual Machines gives you the flexibility of virtualisation for a wide range of computing solutions with support for Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, SAP and more. All current generation Virtual Machines include load balancing and auto-scaling at no cost. For optimal performance, we recommend pairing your Virtual Machines wit

Kali Linux - Oracle VM VirtualBox Grundlagen. Der Funktionsumfang einer virtuellen Maschine (VM) ist im Grunde genommen der gleiche wie der von physischen Systemen, wie zum Beispiel einem Computer. Beide führen nämlich Betriebssystem und Anwendungen aus. Eine VM wird von einem physischen System aus gestartet, also in einem Fenster oder im. Den Umstieg auf Linux können Sie in zwei Geschwindigkeiten schaffen - die langsame Variante verzichtet zunächst auf eine echte Linux-Installation und nutzt eine virtuelle Maschine. Eine inzwischen klassische Möglichkeit, Linux zunächst auszuprobieren, ist die Benutzung einer Live-DVD, aber ein von DVD gebootetes Linux arbeitet deutlich langsamer als eine richtige Installation, weil der. Guidance: Virtual disks on Linux Virtual Machines(VM) are encrypted at rest using either Server-side encryption or Azure disk encryption (ADE). Azure Disk Encryption leverages the DM-Crypt feature of Linux to encrypt managed disks with customer-managed keys within the guest VM. Server-side encryption with customer-managed keys improves on ADE by enabling you to use any OS types and images for your VMs by encrypting data in the Storage service How to install macOS in a virtual machine (QEMU) on Linux using Sosumi snap package To install Sosumi you'll need to be able to install Snap packages on your system. This is enabled by default in Ubuntu, and on other Linux distributions follow the instructions from the Snapcraft docs. 1. Install the Sosumi snap package: sudo snap install sosumi. You may find it easier if you Right-click the virtual machine My First Linux Virtual Machine and select Open Console. The virtual machine should automatically boot the operating system. The Open Console function is similar to the Keyboard/Video Machine (KVM) function in a datacentre, which allows you to toggle between console screens of computers, it allows you to interact with the virtual.

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Don't stick with just what Windows or MacOS offers you; expand your horizons with the best virtual machines out there. Here are our favorites for all platforms ubuntu virtualbox virtual-machine ova lxde bionic virtualbox-ova 5 17 2 (1 issue needs help) 0 Updated Sep 5, 2020. Debian-VirtualBox Debian 10 Virtual Machine. VirtualBox OVA file less than 600 MB linux debian virtualbox virtual-machine deb ova lxde 0 6 2 0 Updated Jul 11, 2020. LubuMaster LubuMaster is a distribution that builds a custom Lubuntu. VirtualBox OVA and Live ISO files less than. How to Access Linux Virtual Machines Remotely Over VNC. By Nick Congleton / Feb 15, 2018 / Linux. Virtual machines (VM) are great. They allow you to get more done across multiple different platforms. They also provide a sandbox for you to test out new things. When you need a graphical desktop too, most situations require you to be tied to the hypervisor machine. That said, you can share your. In a virtualized environment you have a LINUX based Virtual Machine and the root drive has run out of space in an existing partition inside a single VM hard disc. However, the space that can be added to the VM Hard Disc will not necessarily increase space of the Linux root drive because when a Virtual Machine Hard disc is expanded, space is only added to the end of the logical partitions. This.

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After your Virtual Machines are provisioned, you can connect to them using the Virtual Machine Console in the Customer Portal, or by using a standalone SSH (Secure Shell) client. This will allow you to work from the command line interface (CLI) of your Virtual Machine. The best practice is to never as the root user. You should always connect and as a regular user, and then use su. Virtual Machines, Low Prices. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Kernel virtual machine v.0.14.0 kvm, or kernel-based virtual machine, is a device driver and userspace component for Linux that utilizes hardware virtualization extensions such as Intel's VT to create virtual machines running on a Linux; Modular Virtual Engine v.1.0 MVE is an acronym for Modular Virtual Engine. It provides an interface for programming and running (your own) units (virtual. Virtuelle Linux-Server profitieren von der neuen Technik ebenfalls. Hier kommt der Systempuffer in Linux zum Einsatz, wenn die Distribution das unterstützt. Produktionsprüfpunkte (Production Checkpoints) bieten also eine Point-in-Time-Abbildung eines virtuellen Servers, welche die produktiven Workloads in der VM mit einbezieht. Für virtuelle Linux-Server lohnt es sich, diese Technik zu.

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To install Arch Linux on Virtual Box, you must know the basic repositories of this Linux-based operating system. A repository is a storage location from where the software packages are retrieved during the installation process. There are multiple repositories available for Arch Linux, which are accessible via pacman and maintained by package maintainers. Here is a list of some of the basic. Portable VirtualBox was an unofficial Portable Wrapper for Virtual Box, created by Micha. An improved version is also offered by Tibo, the author of the LiLi USB Creator. VirtualBox is officially a product of Oracle. It is an emulator or virtual machine. Often you'll find it used to run various Operating Systems via Disk Images, ISO files and CD or DVDs as a guest OS from within another Host. Deploy solutions quickly on bare metal, virtual machines, or in the cloud. Free as in speech: free software with full source code and a powerful build system. Free of hidden backdoors, free from restrictive licensing and free to learn from, modify and distribute. Secure and easy to maintain: auto-updated daily with latest security patches. 1-click backup and restore: smart backup software. Bitnami WordPress Stack Virtual Machines Bitnami Virtual Machines contain a minimal Linux operating system with WordPress installed and configured. Using the Bitnami Virtual Machine image requires hypervisor software such as VMware Player or VirtualBox. Both of these hypervisors are available free of charge

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I use Ubuntu for a lot of the courses I teach, due to its popularity. While I have some computers running it bare metal as they say, in order to test different scenarios, as well as record my Pluralsight courses, I also setup virtual machines within Hyper-V. It's a bit annoying though, as it doesn' Below are the steps to follow if your guest operating system is Linux: Start the Linux virtual machine; Clean the free space on the disk of the Linux virtual machine; Shutdown the Linux virtual machine; Use the VirtualBox VBoxManage utility to compact the Linux guest image Every virtualization software has the features of snapshots. [ You might also like: Getting Started with VirtualBox in Linux] Snapshot is a point-in-time copy that allows us to save the state of the machine and can restore the machine state whenever needed using these snapshots. Virtualbox manager provides an easy-to-use interface to handle. There are a number of ways to check the version of a VMware Tools installation within a Linux Virtual Machine, as stated by the VMware KB on Verifying a VMware Tools build version. However, they don't all work if you are running a mixed environment with some older hosts and older versions of VMware Tools

Virtual machines have become an important part of computing, not least for business and especially for cloud computing.However, virtualization is something also available to home users as well Linux is often used for virtualization, and one of the most popular virtualization tools that people use is Oracle's VirtualBox.It's a great tool that makes it very easy to virtualize all different types of operating systems. In this article today, we'll cover all of the ways users can backup a virtual machine Method-2: How to Check if Linux Server is Physical or Virtual Using the lshw Command. The lshw command (Hardware Lister) is a small tool to provide detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine. It can report exact memory configuration, firmware version, mainboard configuration, CPU version and speed, cache configuration, bus speed, etc. on DMI-capable x86 or EFI (IA-64.

Double-click the virtual machine and select the Ubuntu ISO. 8. Click Install Ubuntu. 9. Click Erase disk and install Ubuntu. For more tips, including how to navigate the setup for your new Ubuntu machine, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. In other languages. Italiano: Installare Ubuntu su VirtualBox. Português: Instalar o Ubuntu no VirtualBox. Español: instalar Ubuntu en VirtualBox. Step 4: Install Debian Linux on the new virtual machine. Start the Debian virtual machine by selecting it in the VirtualBox VM Manager and then clicking on the green Start arrow. The VM will boot from the DVD, which will start the installer program on the DVD. See below for the configurations used in each of the key configuration screens. In most cases, we will use the default values. Select. Virtual Machine Manager is one of the best hypervisors available for the Linux desktop. It's a well-rounded, well-performing piece of software QEMU/KVM virtualization to take virtualization on your Linux desktop to the next level.. How to Install Virtual Machine Manage

The virtual machine image has Ubuntu Linux Desktop 16.04 LTS 64-bit pre-installed with the following machine learning tools: Python 3.5 OpenCV 3.2 with Python 3 binding VM Manager : VM Manager is a suite of tools that can be used to manage operating systems for large virtual machine (VM) fleets running Windows and Linux on Compute Engine.: Confidential VMs : Confidential VMs are a breakthrough technology that allows you to encrypt data in use—while it's being processed One GPU is required for the Linux host OS and one GPU is required for the Windows virtual machine. My thoughts I'm happy, but at the same time, a bit miffed that this isn't SR-IOV with the ability to split a GPU into parts (like you can with CPU cores), so the requirement for 2 GPUs is quite unfortunate Steps to find the ip address of Linux KVM guest virtual machine. Open the terminal app or using ssh to host server; Get the network list: virsh net-list; Type the command: virsh net-dhcp-leases networkNameHere; Let us see steps in details. Method 1 - Find the IP addresses of VMs in KVM with virsh . Type the following command to list network: # virsh net-list # virsh net-info default.

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KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. As the name suggests, this is kernel based virtualization technology for Linux OS on hardware that supports virtualization. The guest operating systems can be fully virtualized or para virtualized. Para-virtualization enables several operating systems to run on one set of h When doing a standard Linux installation on a Vmware virtual machine, the installation process typically allocates all of the available virtual disk space to the Linux file system and swap partitions.. The size of the virtual disk can easily be increased using the Vmware utility (Vmware Workstation or Vsphere), but as neither the partition table or the file systems themselves are modified by. VirtualBox Virtual Machines Export Virtual Machines. Once you press Export, exporting process will be started. Exporting Virtual Machine. You will see .ova file is created as a part of the export process. $ ls -l *.ova -rw----- 1 linuxshelltips linuxshelltips 988830720 May 5 08:57 Fedora_34.ova Importing Virtual Machines in Virtualbo In the Virtual Machines pane, click the row with the virtual machine you want to isolate. A pane with the basic information about the VM opens. Click the Network Interfaces tab. Click Edit. The Virtual Machine Interface Settings dialog opens. Set Interface Type to Direct Attachment; Set Source to the host interface of your choice. Note that the interface you select will vary depending on your.

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The SUSE Linux Enterprise Virtual Machine Driver Pack is a fee-based bundle of paravirtualized disk, network and balloon drivers. It allows customers to run fully-virtualized Windows workloads on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with near-native performance. It does this by opening additional channels of communication between the Xen and KVM hypervisors in SUSE Linux Enterprise and the unmodified. 2: VM Local 3. VM Voip 4. VM Data Set Create a Disk as Thin Provisioned at either the Virtual Disk Size or a different size. On the Ready to Complete screen, select Edit the virtual machine setting before completion to adjust resources such as Memory and CPUs Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 machines with a filesystem root on a software RAID md device may be converted to guest virtual machines. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 physical machines with their filesystem root on a software RAID md device cannot be converted to virtual machines. There is currently no workaround available. 5.1. Prerequisites. For a physical machine to. Install Ubuntu. Back to Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, click on the new Ubuntu virtual machine and hit 'Start' button. Now you shall see a 'Welcome' screen. Click 'Install Ubuntu' button. Note that the installation process may differ a little bit from version to version. The screenshots here are based on Ubuntu 14.04.1. Click 'Continue' button Ubuntu or other Linux distributions may be slow when you run it within VirtualBox. Often, the cause is that not enough RAM is assigned to the virtual machine, which makes it run slow and makes it unresponsive. However, if your VM already has plenty of RAM and you also already tried assigning an extra virtual CPU core to the machine, this guide might help you make Ubuntu faster in Oracle VM.

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The virtual machine receives its network address and configuration on the private network from a DHCP server integrated into VirtualBox. The IP address thus assigned to the virtual machine is usually on a completely different network than the host. As more than one card of a virtual machine can be set up to use NAT, the first card is connected to the private network, the second card. Azure Linux Virtual Machine. This module creates a Linux Virtual Machine. Following tags are automatically set with default values: env, stack, os_family, os_distribution, os_version. Version compatibilit Koding offers virtuam machines that have 1GM ram and 1GB hard drive for free. (It can be increased up to 16 GB with referals. This is my referal if you are intrested. You would have done me a favour =) ) It is mainly for development purposes. It. Mein Rechner läuft mit Ubuntu 14.04. Über VirtualBox habe ich Bitnami Wordpress installiert, als lokalen Server. Und innerhalb von der bitnami- virtuellen Maschine startet diese per Konsole, und wenn ich dort was eingebe, sind die Tasten vertauscht, also y und z sind vertauscht, halt das amerik. Tastatur-layout wohl. Gilt Dein Code, axt, auch für diesen Fall? axt. Anmeldungsdatum: 22.

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Fertige virtuelle PCs mit Windows und Linux von Andreas Dumont - 09.04.2014 Wer schnell einen Windows-PC braucht, um etwas auszuprobieren, lädt von Microsoft kostenlos einen virtuellen PC herunter Starten einer virtuellen Maschine unter Linux mit Amazon Lightsail. Lightsail - der erste Schritt, um mit AWS zu beginnen. Es bietet virtuelle Server, Speicher, Datenbanken und Netzwerke sowie einen kostengünstigen monatlichen Tarif. Es ist so konzipiert, dass es Ihnen hilft, klein anzufangen und dann mit zunehmendem Wachstum zu skalieren. In diesem Tutorial erstellen Sie in.

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Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) is intuitive hypervisor software that offers abundant possibilities for your Synology NAS servers. You can set up and run various virtual machines, including Windows, Linux, and Virtual DSM. What's more, VMM provides a disaster recovery solution for IT environments, helping you to achieve maximum service uptime with flexible resource management (right up in your screen) and create your virtual machine using any of Ubuntu versions already offered (you could download an iso file of whatever other Linux and so create the VM with a different distro). In my case, I've chosen the last Ubuntu release available: 19.10. Anyway, everything you'll see here is valid for 18.04. In 15 or 20 minutes, depends on what the image takes to download for. In the example, I have entered the name My First Linux Virtual Machine. This is not a good example, and I would not recommend the use of spaces for production servers, use hyphens or underscores! Select the Guest OS Family, and Guest OS version. Leave the Compatibility set to ESXi 7.0 virtual machine. Click Next to continue, select the datastore to store the virtual machine configuration.

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